Here you will be able to read a little bit more about the individuals who make up the Fire Desire team. As you will notice we are normal people who just love poi and wish to take it to the masses.

(Individuals profiles are under construction and will be completed shortly)

The Fire Desire Team:

Completed Profiles

Coming Soon!

Become part of the Fire Desire Team

We are always on the look out for people to join the Fire Desire team.
We need all sorts of people and skills.

Running a community takes a lot of work and effort and everyone has their own unique skill they contribute. If you have any of the following skills and want to get involved pop us a mail at:

- Web Designers / Graphics Designers
- Performers / Fire Spotters / Poi Teachers
- Blog and FB Group Officers
- Content Writers / Finders
- Photographers / Film Students
- Engineers (Making and designing Poi)
- Marketing People
- Paramedics / First Aid

We need people with these kind of skills to help better the community.
Please if you are interested in helping get in touch with us.