Fire Desire Team Profile:

Bruno Johann Kopf

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Birthday: January 25, 1987
Star sign: Aquarius
Hometown: JHB, South Africa

My Role In Fire Desire:

Fire Desire Manager
Group Admin
Fire Spotter (Saftey Crew)
Research and Development

Weapon of Choice:
Long and Short Staff.
Spinning, Throwing and Contact.
Still want to learn:
Rope Dart, Fire Whip

About Myself:

I am a very down to earth person, I go through life not really worrying what tomorrow brings.
As long as you believe you will make it you will. After matric I got on a flight to the UK to go live with my girlfriend. After two years in the UK we finally had the chance to go home on holiday for a month. A couple days into my holiday I knew I couldn't go back to the UK I was finally back home in sunny South Africa where I belong. Logic argued with me, my girlfriend and I both had good jobs back in the UK and a home.

But living life by fear is not something I do. I gave up a good life to be back home but this did not bother me because I knew things would be OK. This was back in December 2008 now 9 months on the point is proven. I found a job amazingly quick, got a new home and im now living comfortably. Don't let fear control your life, just have faith in your ability to survive.

The biggest blessing about coming home to South Africa is that I found Poi.
While I was on my europian adventure my brother and his friends got into Fire Dancing.
By the time I got back they were already pretty good at it. I was amazed by the beauty of this art and I swore to learn as much of the arts as I can.

Since starting to play with the staff amazing things have happened in my life. It has given me a new confidence and I can feel the mental and physical benefits. I spend about 1-3 hours a day playing with my collection of stave's I have hoarded. I found my new passion, a way to clear my mind and focus my thoughts. Poi is a blessing in my life which I am very grateful for.

Creating the Fire Desire community was another blessing.
I have met some amazing people and made many new friends.
I have had the oppertunity to give back to society in my own special way.
This community brings me joy and happiness. So I push forward spreading the Desire for Fire to as many people as I can hoping they will find the same salvation in poi that I did.

I thank everyone for the support you have given the community. It is still amazing how quickly this community has grown.

Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me that which I Desire!

Favorite Music:
PsyTrance, D&B, Minimal, Fidget,
Funky house, even some rock and metal
Favorite Quotations:
- If Not Why Not
- Waste Not What Not
- Give me Fuel, Give me Fire,
Give me that which I Desire!

Contact Information:
Facebook: Bruno Kopf
Mobile: Cell: +27720335535

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