Fire Desire Team Profile:

Chloe Finn

Sex: Female
Birthday: 20 May 1992
Star Sign: Taurus, and yes I am stubborn
Hometown: JHB, South Africa

My Role In Fire Desire:
I’m a dancer, going all dangerous with them fire, lol, but I like to see myself as the motivator as well at times.. Too much energy just isn’t enough.

Weapon of Choice:
Chain Poi

I like to keep it simple so people can understand my spinning and enjoy the movements that go along with it.

I Still want to learn:

Isolation, 5 beat, petals/flower, and lots lots more…

About Myself:
I’m quiet most of the time but get me in the mood and I will party all night… I’m not scared to say or do anything and I think most of my friend’s and team know that one…
I’m still in school, grade 11, and working extremely hard to get into university, my whole life
I’ve wanted to be a forensic pathologist and I’m slowly getting there step by step…

With my studying and only focusing on school, I dropped out of all sports and lost all my hobbies somewhere along the way… I never knew what to do in my spare time when I wasn’t studying… But now I have found what I enjoy…


It’s given me something to do and I really enjoy it as it calms your body and releases your mind of all stresses…
My first trance party was Fu Cha and I fell in love straight away, now I can put my hobby with these awesome parties and create my own unforgettable nights…
And Thank You to the team and everyone who supports fire desire, its made things a lot more interesting

Favorite Music
Anything I can sing at the top of my voice to, Trance, Fidget and lots lots more

Contact Information:
Facebook: Chloe Eliza Flinn

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