Fire Desire Team Profile:

Kei Krober

Sex: Male
Birthday: 1st Feb

Star sign:

JHB, South Africa

My Role In Fire Desire:
Fire Dancer ‘Staff” Creating and designing new toys.

Weapon of Choice:
Staff- working on double staff and cross staff “ Holy Liberator”

Very fast, like I am in the middle of a star wars fight its 2 many crazy Ek Se.

Still want to learn:
Contact staff/ poi

About Myself:

I have all the energy of the world in my hands. I love to fire dance and ride MX motocross. I love living life on the edge and love it even more when some one pushes me off! But other wise I am a very chilled kinda guy, keeping it real!

Favorite Music
Ah Gotta be Psy trance all the way. I enjoy psy and enjoy mixing it. Soon enough I will be up there mixing with all them mad mo fos.

Favorite Quotations:
Shimblaenblurr, Trippy trippy lights, What should we prepare 4, how should we prepare 4?

Contact Information:

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