Tracy Lee Manthe

Sex: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: 17 January
Star sign: Capricorn
Hometown: JHB, South Africa

My Role In Fire Desire: Poi & Double staff teacher

Weapon of Choice: First love will always be poi

Unpredictable, I enjoy throwing in some moves that are unexpected, This has a lot to do with body movements as well, another reason why I love fire arts, is you can express yourself in any way though your dance

Still want to learn: Contact staff/Juggling/Fire eating

About Myself:
My family has always said I’m a natural born performer, as I was introduced to fire art forms I found myself enjoying teaching these art forms and choreographing stage shows much more rewarding.
Favorite Music
Always enjoyed my rock and metal music, as the years have gone by my music influences range from a-z in all styles of music, as long as there’s passion in the music I’ll be listening to it

Favorite Quotations:
The world will tell you who you are…. Until you tell the world

Contact Information:

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